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Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

At Pro Towing Service Bentonville, we are the leading supplier of all heavy-duty towing and recovery services. When heavy vehicles get into accidents on the road, they always have the capacity to be more severe. They can result in more serious damages and will nearly always need a specialized effort to manage. But fortunately, our team has all the means and resources to facilitate any heavy-duty rescue, thanks to our state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles. No matter how dramatic an accident has been, we will always be up to the task of retrieving, recovering, and towing your heavy-duty vehicle. You can always depend on us when you get into such a concerning situation. So, make sure that you never hesitate and contact us immediately following any heavy vehicle concern. 

General Heavy Towing 

Our team can be there for you for any kind of heavy towing you require. It can be difficult finding a crew capable enough of safely transporting heavy vehicles, especially over the distances you demand. However, our team is always up to the challenge and would be more than happy to assist you following any breakdown. No matter the issue, we are always glad to tow you to your regular mechanic or commercial site. Simply let us know what kind of heavy automobile you operate, and we can arrive with the correct loadout to securely and swiftly for transit. 

Heavy Duty Recovery 

Equally, if you need to recover your vehicle following any more worrying issue, such as a crash, accident, or even after rolling into a ditch, we can be there for you. Our heavy-duty recovery solutions are available to everyone in Bentonville and are guaranteed to save your vehicle after any major problem. Using our advanced equipment and technologies, we can salvage any kind of truck securely and steadily. So, regardless of the type of issue you are facing, choose us to stand the best chance of a full recovery. 

Rotator Service

A specific area of heavy recovery that we offer to our clients is our rotator service. Regular heavy-duty recovery can only allow so much, unable to fully retrieve a vehicle that has rolled onto its side. However, with our rotator tools, we can safely lift any rolled truck back onto its wheels and prepare it for a tow. This requires an immense amount of skill and precision, as well as incredibly specific tools. Luckily, we pertain to every one of these and so, even in the direst consequences, you can rest assured that we will always be capable of recovering your heavy vehicle.

Vehicles We Serve 

There is no kind of heavy-duty automobile that we are incapable of towing or recovering. Whether you need our support for your boxer truck, your 18-wheeler, a recreational vehicle, or any other large vehicle, we will always be there for you. All you need to do is let us know the details of yours when you call so that we can arrive with the best-suited equipment and tools for the task.

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