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Our name is Pro Towing Service Bentonville. We are the premier towing company in the city of Bentonville, AR, serving hundreds of motorists throughout town each year. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing the highest caliber towing and recovery solutions and helping anybody that calls. Our dedication to delivering the best has seen our company garner critical acclaim, currently being one of the most accomplished and trusted companies in the region. Every Bentonville driver knows that they can count on us for an exemplary, reliable service every time that they call. So, if you want the peace of mind of knowing your leading local towing company, make sure that you keep our number saved for any situation.

Having been in this industry for many years now, we have accumulated an immense wealth of experience. Every one of our crew members is a specialist in the field and can guarantee you all the expertise and understanding you need. Championing rapid responses, precision servicing, detailed vehicle assessment, and critical thinking, we are a diverse and intelligent team of individuals. That allows us to give better care to every client we serve and identify solutions that successfully get them back onto the roads more often than not. But our quality alone is not the sole reason we are one of the best towing companies in the state. That equally comes down to our immaculate standards for customer service. Our team goes above and beyond in every way and that is why we should always be your go-to team.

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