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Full Wrecker Service

Unlike your average towing company, our team can offer our clients a full wrecker service. We have one of the most well-equipped fleets and arsenals in the city of Bentonville, when it comes to vehicle towing and recovery, meaning we are up to any challenge out on the roads. Instead of offering you simple towing solutions, we can assist you with full wrecker towing and recovery. When you manage to get into a serious accident or get your vehicle stuck in a ditch, we can be there every time to help you get on the path to recovery. You can trust us to help you in any situation, regardless of how serious. So, the next time you need a wrecker service provider you can rely on, you know that you can always count on us, at Pro Towing Service Bentonville.

Comprehensive Wrecker Service 

With one of the most adept fleets on Arkansas’s roads, we are capable of responding to breakdowns, crashes, and other issues for any kind of vehicle. Over the years, we have helped out regular automotive drivers as well as truck drivers and bikers. For us, every issue is just as important and we have the means to help you, every time. Few other teams can offer the same and that is why we stand out from the bunch. So, if there is ever any kind of wrecker service you require, you can always rely on the best with us. 

Vehicle Towing 

If your vehicle needs towing, we can take it across any distance. Our fleet is more than capable of safely towing your car, van, truck, or motorcycle through either our wheel lift, or hook and chain wrecker tow trucks. We have the resources and equipment to handle any type of vehicle most appropriately. We’ll make sure no damage comes to it and that ultimately, we arrive at your home or mechanic without causing so much as a scratch to your vehicle. So, the next time you need a tow, choose our full wrecker service.

Vehicle Recovery 

Of course, if you manage to crash your vehicle, get into an accident, or simply drive into a ditch, we can promise you our vehicle recovery service. Over the years, we have recovered countless vehicles from minor and severe situations, promptly, securely, and effectively. Nothing is worse than facing such a problem but when you call us for rescue, you know you’ll always be delivered exemplary service. So, give your vehicle the best chance of recovery and place your faith in us, every time. 

Our Fleet 

No other fleet of recovery or towing vehicles is quite as capable as ours. As previously mentioned, our trucks are outfitted with a variety of different loading mechanisms and are fully outfitted with all the tools, equipment, and parts required to recover any vehicle. None of our competitors can match our industry-grade fleet and that is why we are a cut above the rest. So, make a better decision the next time you need a wrecker service and choose our outstanding services.

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